Monday, March 23, 2009

Team Asha Runs at Ananya

As part of Team Asha initiatives in Bangalore, we are training kids at Ananya for the upcoming Sunfeast 10K run this May 2009. We have little more than a dozen kids who will be training with us for the Sunfeast 10K run.

The kids are going through a proper training schedule and are already in their 2nd week now. We will be there at Ananya every Tuesday and Saturday for the next two months. So if anyone of you are planning to join Team Asha Bangalore and want to train with us, then do join us or drop in a mail/comment in here.

As a ritual we also play a volleyball match with the kids post run on Saturdays and get to eat some yummy breakfast at Ananya. Even we have improved by leaps and bounds and Vinodh is a great example. Aside: We haven't won a single match as yet over the kids.

This week had Manjula getting her cycle and kids really enjoyed riding it and some of them also learned on how to ride it with inputs from Narmada as well.

Come, be part of Team Asha, Train and Run with us.

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