Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday's Workout

Last Wednesday I tried working on strides. I must confess, the general public thought maybe some mad dog was chasing me, all i can say is, it went horribly wrong, that weekend i had severe shin splints. Anyways, today I was there at Cubbon park working with Thushar to correct my workout's on strides. We did our 5 of 6 drills taught by our super coach ( forgot 1, need to ask the coach again ). I could do 2 loops of stride.

As, I was stretching after the run, a guy walked and asked me is that bag on the bench yours. I said, no. um .. he said, he has called the cops.. they would come here at any moment. At the end it turned out to be of Thushar's.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Run this weekend

Last weekend (Nov 29 and 30) we went through our training schedule for Mumbai and Auroville. On 29th Anita, Sanjeev, Santosh Hulkund and I were at Cubbon and started the run at 6.30Am. It was drizzling quite a bit. I ran around 7K with Anita and rest with Sanjeev. Nice time of the year as well as the winter was setting. Anita, Sanjeev and Santosh left for breakfast as I had to head elsewhere.

Sunday (Nov 30) we all met for a quick run at Lal Bagh glass house at 7AM. This was my first run in Lal Bagh. Got my friend Abhay sarkar as well for the run. Siva, Thushaar, Anita, Sanjeev, Balaji and I were there for this run. Met others for the first time. I paced Abhay for around 3KM and then caught up with Balaji for the rest of the 7K. Others had already moved into SKK (Sree Krishna Kafe) at Koramangla for breakfast as Balaji and I hurried to finish our 10.5K inside Lal Bagh. The drizzle started again and we reached SKK to join others.

Breakfast runs are always exciting !