Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday's Workout

Last Wednesday I tried working on strides. I must confess, the general public thought maybe some mad dog was chasing me, all i can say is, it went horribly wrong, that weekend i had severe shin splints. Anyways, today I was there at Cubbon park working with Thushar to correct my workout's on strides. We did our 5 of 6 drills taught by our super coach ( forgot 1, need to ask the coach again ). I could do 2 loops of stride.

As, I was stretching after the run, a guy walked and asked me is that bag on the bench yours. I said, no. um .. he said, he has called the cops.. they would come here at any moment. At the end it turned out to be of Thushar's.

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Balu said...

hmm.. the last line was scary.... :-)