Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day Run @ Ananya

15 August, 2009 was a jam packed day as Team Asha and Runner's High descended at Ananya defying weather and havoc-wrecked roads. Owing to the current A(H1N1) scare (aka Swine Flu) the second edition of the Team Asha 8k Run had to be indefinitely postponed. Though many of us were disappointed but the decision was taken after carefully analyzing medical advise and not to add to the current panic and the fact that kids were the most susceptible of the lot.

Nevertheless, keeping the spirit of Independence day we decided to have a small run at the Ananya campus were runners from Team Asha and Runner's High came together to jam-in a run alongside the Ananya kids.

Bunny, Bunny- Bunny (Come, please come)

We all had an unusual meetup near the Karamelaram railway station road. It was by chance as the 7AM train stood right across the railway crossing and Shashi Rao (Ananya Founder) was also right there. Santhosh decided to get all the runners a quick intro from Shashi (as you can see above).

The Run

Quickly we all began and started by 7.30AM. All the kids and runner's went out in full swing and went to finish their target distances according to their training plan.

People had to do distances of 4K/8K. To add a little adventure we also had to cross railway tracks (manned crossing). As we were running some of us had to head back for other events.

The Karate Demo

Under the aegis of Sensei Manjula the Ananya kids and some Team Asha runners have been training for karate. Our Sensei had put together some moves and techniques to showcase our training in form of a demo.

This was a short 15 minute demo as the runners were introduced to various aspects of Karate and the its true essence.

Chai Pani

We all had some Tea before went in for our next activities. All runners had some time to interact with each other. We were around 20-30 runners in all and it was a very good gathering as well.


Soon after the Karate demo we all headed for a wonderful little English play shown as puppets.

This was about Ananya, the learning center and how it is different from other traditional schools.

Here is the Ananya team behind this play and couple of our Italian volunteers. As the play progressed Sashi introduced to runners about Ananya and how they can help and be part of Ananya.

Dance, Dance , Dance

No that's not the Mithun da's movie but our very own Ananya kids dancing to beats of "Pappu Can't Dance", "Beat it" and "Jai Ho".

MJ would have been proud to see the kids when they jammed for "Beat It".

Our DJ for the day was Shashi and her car was used to play the music.

Volleyball, and Team Asha Wins

And we had a volleyball match with the kids and finally Team Asha won over the kids for the first time in six months (of course our team also had big players from Ananya) but we lost the next match.

But we had a great match and we had Deepak, our guest runner from Runner's high who played with us apart from the regular Team Asha gang.

Treasure Hunt

It was already 11AM and kids were getting ready for their next event. Treasure hunt organized by the Italian Volunteers. Guess only Santhosh was left to hunt for the treasure.

All in all a very nice day and event-filled day. Thanks to all runners from Team Asha and Runner's High.

Come Run with us.

Team Asha !

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