Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strides of Hope - Update Feb 20

I was there at Cubbon park at around 12.30PM to catch up to say "Hi".

Our Ananya kids were also there all tired in the blazing sun.

Then came Santhosh with Chandra. Going strong as of 1PM. Then Balaji delegated some certificate writing to Anisha for Ananya kids.

It was balzing hot already and Santhosh was due to hit the 24 hr mark in 3 hours. Way to go man.

Great going volunteers.

Go Team Asha Go !

Here are some pics:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ananya Puppet Show

After a long long time !
Team Asha is also a partner in this event.

Last Friday we where at St.John's Auditorium to watch our Ananya kids perform puppet show.

Unlike previous performances this one was amazingly different. Rohit, the chief composer did a marvelous job and many of us were just stunned to see this amazing show.

Great Job Kids. Truly Amazing. Don't miss out and this Friday, 12th Feb, 2010 at JSS Auditorium, Jayanagar 8th block as they have the last show at 12, 3 and 7PM respectively. MUST SEE !

More Pics in here:

Good Luck to all for the Auroville Run, 2010 as the running season draws to a close.