Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Running Season with Team Asha

Finally the 2008-09 Running Season came to end at Auroville last Sunday and this also completes my one full year of running. It started with my first half-marathon exactly a year ago at Auroville and yesterday I did another one.

This also has been a great running year and my association with Asha has added that extra bit of a meaning to my running !

(With Asha folks at Auroville, Pondicherry)

It has been a truly great year and I'll be still running with Team Asha on and off. With this I'll now get back into cross-training to strengthen my knees and improve speed. The next running season will officially start off in August with the Hyderabad marathon.

There still a month left before I wrap all my donations for Asha. Thanks to one and all who supported my runs. I'll be back again next year !

Thanks to Anita and Sanjeev for the orientation on Asha (I'll again comeback for those Sandwiches), Santosh for all the run management, Siva Athreya for handling the cheques and everyone in Team Asha with whom I was directly or indirectly involved !

You can find the pics from my cam in here:

Looking forward to run next year again with Team Asha. Till then keep running and be healthy ! God Bless !

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