Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karate - Empty Hands

As part of our runs with kids at Ananya we have started to train for Karate as a cross training activity. Karate means - Empty Hands.

Sensei Manjula, who is also a Team Asha runner will be guiding us through some important basic sessions in karate. In this first session last Saturday we got to know about the true essence for what Karate stands for. The idea is to use it as a tool of self-defence and having to attain greater control over oneself.

Some basic forms of karate like kata (simulated fight) and kumite (the actual fight) were described and then some basic punches.

# Jodan - Upper
# Chudan - Middle
# Gedan - Lower

By the way punch is called Tsuki. Gedan, chudan and nidan become the adjectives (Upper, middle, lower).

A blocking technique and finally mixed all of them with a three step forward punch and block routine. They all may sound simple but it ain't that way !

More to come ! So do join our Ananya runs !
Go Team Asha Go !

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