Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ananya Run: Running, Maths, Geography and Clay Puppets !

Last Saturday we had a special karate session from Sensei Rani, many thanks to her, who came all the way from Mysore to teach us all the moves specifically required for the yellow belt. It was around 10AM and the sun was shining bright but the kids had braved it all to learn and imbibe this wonderful opportunity. Sensei Manjula also started recording these moves so that it can be viewed by all the children and volunteers for clarifications. It was a houseful day at Ananya and choc-a-bloc with activities.

Meanwhile today's Ananya run was a tad different as we made it little learning-centric. We told the kids what a Marathon is and what it stood for. Then we slowly started to add some math during our stretching sessions. Like, we told them at one mile is 1.609 KM. And then asked them things like if 1 mile is 1.609 KM then how how much is 10 miles.

Then we slowly added complexity by asking how much is 26.2 miles (~42.19 KM) and that is how we linked that marathon entails a distance of 26.2 miles and half marathon is half of that = 21KM. We slowly added some geography to it by letting them know about where Greece is what was its capital. Consequently told them that the distance from Athens to town Marathon was 42KM and thus its name.

The kids have been really enjoying the puppetry workshop they have been having here at Ananya. They have been taught how to make clay faces, paper meshes from coconut scraps and some carpentry to mount these clay faces.

According to all the kids, "The clay can be found under natural water habitats, lake lakes or ponds and must be sifted for stones and other impurities". Kids call and share with us what all they have learned. One such initiative was their plate-painting that they've made to gift their teacher as a marriage gift.

I'm sure we have a lot to learn from the kids and I hope this running initiative gives us all enough fillip.

Go Team Asha and Ananya, Go !

Keep running !

Some pictures in here: http://picasaweb.google.com/balsubu/AnanyaClayPuppets#

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