Friday, June 12, 2009

Joy of Success at Ananya

Back to business as Team Asha resumed its post Sunfeast runs and Karate at Ananya. We will invariably be present on all Saturdays (of course Tuesdays) at Ananya. But the cynosure of all our eyes were our beloved kids at Ananya who cleared their Xth exams. All of them cleared it.

As Team Asha, we haven't really contributed as much as other volunteers, teachers and support staff who have been with Ananya all this while and before. But thanks to Vinodh who headed the Team Asha volunteers in teaching kids Word Processing and I'm sure we would contribute more in the coming weeks. Running and Karate has been our mainstay activities at Ananya and it will mature into lifestyle activity for most of the kids.

During the Karate session our Sensei made all the kids and Team Asha folks take an oath which emphasized that we would not misuse Karate for selfish and ignoble purposes. As the kids are turning in big numbers, it also gives as a great high and commitment to this program.

Our Sensei then surprised all the kids by ordering a cake so that we all could share the joy of the senior kids who cleared their Xth class. Only Banna and Kavya were present amongst us and it also happened to be Suresh's birthday. So we decided to get them all to cut the cake together and gathered all the kids after the breakfast. Sivamma's unflinching support to our idlies made the day again for all of us as we leisurely sat at the corner and discussed all possible topics that we could talk about.

After the cake cutting ritual we asked the senior kids to share their experiences, hard work and success with other kids for inspiration. It was nice to listen to their views and the maturity with which they spoke was a pleasure listening to. We wish them all a very good luck and success in their endeavors.

Finally before we wrapped up we had a small surprise for our beloved George, Suman, Sivamma and Agnus. Until then, Keep reading this Wall !

Go Team Asha and Ananya. Keep Running !

Train, Run and Educate !

Find More Pics in here:
(Some of the Pics in the Picasa, Courtesy: Rampee)


Vinodh said...

Congratulations Kids...

And you guys decide to celebrate when I'm out :(

Balu said...

Vinodh, lets do it again the Saturday after Asha race. Anytime after a good run and karate is worth the effort.. what say ?