Sunday, September 20, 2009

Team Asha: Tryst with Science at Ananya

Vinod is among the most active volunteers from Team Asha at Ananya. After having a great stint at the AMD sponsored science workshop with a Govt. School he is now going to share some important concepts at Ananya.

Understanding the concept of density and how it is different from weight?

This is what Vinodh broached to the kids and that kept the minds tickling. Slowly he moved on to the concept of what makes things float in water and what makes it sink. I guess next he will introduce Archimedes principle and the Newton's laws of motion.


So what is a lactometer and how does it work. Can we make a simple lactometer without any special gadgets. This concept was linked with density of water and milk and the methods and means by which one can test if the milk supplied to you is adulterated with water or not.

In the coming weeks Vinodh will be introducing to kids such simple science fundas and will show them things practically.

Until then, keep running !

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