Saturday, August 9, 2008

Conversations on a Run

Date of the run: 09-Aug-2008
Distance: ~10K

Comfortably Numb, being the coach, has to come up with new/unique ways to keep us motivated during the run. Since he feels that it is "all in the mind" and due to some "mind-distance" correlation (half of us have unfortunately forgotten most of that half an hour lecture) Santhosh decided to ensure that a steady stream of conversation is always flowing.
So with Siva (Athreya) pitching in actively and some of us getting in a word or two, we had a very "enlightening" discussion :)

For no particular reason we managed to discuss about:

1. Dogs [ Santhosh's pet topic - this was more of a monologue than a discussion ]
- Why dogs bite/bark
- Frequency of the bite/bark
- Pack mentality of dogs vs docile behavior when alone
- Santhosh's pet dog in college
- Whether a stray dog's bite is better than a pet dog's bite and the probability of its occurrence

Conclusion: Dogs bite due to "seasonal" reasons (Manohar's contribution) and due to "scientific" reasons (Santhosh's contribution) .

2. Weird Specimens at meditation camps (Siva's experiences with one such specimen who did all of the following)
- Going to meditation camps to "experiment"
- Controlling the "oracle" through meditation (or was the inability to control it?)
- Tantric/Pranic healing by looking at photos of people

3. BJP, Sri Sri Ravishankar and an existing proposal to attract "moderate Hindus" by cleaning Ganga

Oh...and the most importantly, after the run, I managed to get my first traffic rule violation ticket and actually met a police cop who I think was subtly asking for a bribe. And as always I am totally kicked about this new experience :P


comfortably numb said...

I still think Siva's friends must have done something funny to excite the street dogs :)

comfortably numb said...

More on dog bites :)