Saturday, August 30, 2008

Team Asha in GKVK.

Hi Folks,

Here is my first post! Team Asha in Bangalore is doing great. We have a committed group of runners communicating through various means, training at various corners of Bangalore, Chennai and the rest of the world!

There have been a ragged bunch of us who have been meeting up every weekend and have been going through a training schedule. The Marathoners and Half-marathoners have reached the Half-way point this week! I am really inspired by our wonderful team! No frills, no cribs, just pure fun :)

We did the Half marathon distance (marathoners) and the 10K (Half marathoners) at GKVK, the closet to trails you can get in Bangalore. Its a really nice scenic location. This is an Agricultural University on NH 7 on the way to the New airport/ Hyderabad, just after the Hebbal flyover.

The run was amazing and even when the sun came out in all its glory, our team didn't let go! We had some wonderful fruits, biscuits and electrolyte drinks after the run. Thanks to my patient mom, the neatly cut juicy watermelon was just amazing! Hmm...hope all the 'no shows' are watching - you are missing a lot of good food, company and parties!

The other highlight of the run was our newly adopted unofficial mascot - GikkuVikku, who ran the complete half marathon with no training! He was enthusiastic and showed us all the knooks and corners of the GKVK trails. Unfortunately, he has a busy life and mentioned that he will be available as only the GKVK tour guide. Don't forget to say hello to him when you go to GKVK again. To know more about him contact Divya or see the photos :)

We took a few snaps on the run. I don't think I got a photo of every person. This is just what I got in the second loop. I will make sure I get a photo of everyone the next time - there are lot more runs to go :)

Photos from GKVK runs

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Balu said...

"GikkuVikku" is a cool name. Yes GKVK is a very cool place and I'm sure we can try Bellandur trail as well.

It was my first run in two weeks after my first marathon at HYD. Feeling better and rearing to go.

Hope to catch you on Wednesday at Cubbon, and yes the fruits and snacks post run get me even more motivated :-).